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Praise for CMDT

"They didn't know what to expect and then you seduced them."

K-6 Teacher

McNider Elementary

I wanted to follow-up with you in regards to the performance Co’Motion Dance Theater did for us yesterday afternoon. 

We were sorely disappointed…………


Disappointed that we couldn’t have had them for a couple hours!   :) :) :)


Many of our youth (and staff) were commenting yet this morning of how very much they enjoyed the program yesterday. 


I have worked at the Juvenile Home for 28 years and have not enjoyed a program provided for our youth as much as I did this one!   The story telling you did through dance was phenomenal- and taking the time to first explain this to our kids was ……well, doubly phenomenal.   They got it! 


Thank-you so much for coming, for sharing your talents and gifts, and ultimately for making a difference (if only for 40 minutes) in the lives of the children we serve. 




Kim Junge

Iowa Juvenile Home

“The dancers were awesome, and friendly, easy to work with.  Valerie Williams did a great job explaining the dances.  Everyone was very professional.”

Kim Kidwell

Family Museum of Arts and Science

“The performance was great.  Our Festival visitors liked it a lot and that was our goal!!”

Mara Linskey-Deegan​

MacNider Museum

“We loved working with their dancers.  They were professional and extremely supportive of our students. The workshop was only the highlight that led up to their incredible performance that night. The childrens show that morning was not only  fun but entertaining and our children went out dancing.”

Keith Hight

College of Southern Maryland

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