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Snapshot of Dance in Ames

Dance is alive and well in Ames, Iowa! I believe there is more dancing going on than anyone knows So I wondered, how much dance happens in Ames? And who does it?  Could we have that data to cite when we talk to city and business leaders about how important dance is to our well-being, our culture, and maybe even our economy?  Snapshot is a survey of all dance in Ames.

We want to know how many people are dancing, what type of dancing they're doing, and how many organizations are contributing to our dancing environment.  We are conducting a study of organizations in Ames that provide opportunities to dance recreationally, professionally, and/or by offering lessons.  The information gathered is designed to increase visibility and awareness of local dance groups and will be provided to the city and the community in general.  As a byproduct, we may create a website that will inform the public of dance opportunities and publicize dance events.  So, will you please provide us with the information requested on the form below?  Contact us at if you have questions or concerns.              THANK YOU!   and happy dancing!

Snapshot Survey Form

Please click on the W to download a text copy of the survey.  Click on the Enable Editing box in the yellow bar at the top to fill out the survey.  Please save it, then attach it to an email to

(Feel free to direct this site to anyone in the dance community)

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