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About CMDT

In 1978 Valerie William’s Co’Motion Dance Theater was founded with a bold mission – to provide high quality professional modern dance performances to Midwest audiences as well as fulfilling a commitment to dance education for all students.  30 years later that mission remains as active as the company itself!  The company contracts with performing art centers, schools, museums, etc. to offer concerts, lectures, demonstrations, and school performances, residencies, and master classes throughout the Upper Midwest.  Based out of Ames, Iowa, Co’Motion Dance Theater continues to engage minds and bodies through exposure to authentic movement.

Co’Motion dance is committed to reaching widely to as many people as possible.  For this reason the company is very adaptable, able to provide polished and accessible professional work in even the most unique of spaces. No matter where you are, Co’Motion Dance is truly, “at home on any stage.”

A thirty year veteran of the Artist-in-Schools program, the company highly values dance education.  The company has created innovative and exciting residencies for more than 600 communities and schools.  Whether you are looking for a single workshop or a way to enhance your school’s curriculum, Co’Motion Dance is the perfect way to bring students‘ minds and bodies together.

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